There are so many good thrift stores out there and I love to visit every one of them in my spare time. Many of them have used books galore. Some I purchase because I intend to read them. Others are for DIY projects. I do like using books as part of my vignettes and I truly feel that they add that ‘something extra’ to your decor.
I picked these up at my local hospice thrift store for 10 cents a piece. Can’t beat that price! I like using hardcover books because they take chalk paint very well and sometimes I even spray paint them black first, then put on 2 coats of white chalk paint prior to running some sandpaper over them to distress them a bit. Adds character and interest!
Don’t they look fabulous? A simple coat or two of paint can totally transform anything your heart desires! As you can see, I decided to take things a bit further. I asked myself, what can I do to make these even more shabby? Well, I found this app called ‘wish’ and I ordered some really cool decor tape with script lettering on it. I got the idea while having coffee early one Saturday morning and twirling that roll of tape around my finger. Call me crazy, but some of my best ideas come to me just after sunrise!
After adding the tape, I then threw on a little gray chalk paint with some cute stenciling that I also purchased from ‘wish’. Voila! Each book cost about 25 cents total to up cycle. Now, if that isn’t thrifty, I don’t know what is!