At last, long last…spring is here in its official capacity. Although depending on where you live, it may seem like ole’ man winter is hanging on by the seat of his pants!

Well, on with it then. Welcome to my first blog post! I have been a self-proclaimed DIY’er for most of my adult lie and finally decided it was high time I shared my passion with others. After years of being on the run(no, not from the law!), I finally made the decision to stop renting and moving and living out of boxes and purchase my first home. Love it! I can paint, remodel, turn my music up real loud–is this for real? My home, my dwelling, my cozy little nest!

Since settling in with my three kitties almost two years ago now and doing various projects inside my home, I am ready to share them with you dear reader. My hope is to inspire you as so many wonderful other bloggers have inspired me. Thank you all for joining me on this lovely ‘vintage’ road trip we are about to embark on!