Here it is – finally! My master bathroom vanity update on a budget! I had been shopping for the perfect size cabinet for this small bathroom and wanted it to be vintage but functional at the same time. No big-box store vanity for this gypsy! I scored this lovely solid wood cabinet at my local consignment shop for $30 – yes, not a typo! $30! Can you believe it? (photos further down)

The above photo is of the original munchkin-sized sink and vanity. I mean, come on – where is a girl supposed to put all her – ya know? – girl stuff? Now you can see why I never used it! Way too small and no counter space.

We (meaning me and my handy-man!) removed the sink and got it prepped for the new cabinet-turned-vanity. (I donated the old vanity and sink to my local Habitat Restore Store)

In went the new vanity- and out again – and in again. This was the most time-consuming part of the process as you have to measure where you are going to cut holes in the vanity to fit the plumbing. You cut – and then cut again until all holes are cut and plumbing and pipes fit precisely where you want them. Measure twice – cut once!

Next came the vessel sink (13 X 13 round) and faucet. Aren’t they lovely? I got all of this fabulous stuff including the drain from (links at bottom of this post) The sink/faucet/drain/mounting ring cost around $125.00. Can’t beat that! 

The super fabulous thing about the vessel faucet too is it comes in different finishes (I chose chrome) and you can remove one of the rings if it is too tall – which is what we did since we used a smaller sink and you don’t water to splash all over the place when you use it!

Done! What do you think? All-in-all it took the both of us about 4 hours since we hauled the vanity outside each time we cut into it for easier clean up. Oh, and one side-trip to the hardware store for an extra piece of PVC piping.

I just love my finished vintage shabby glamour master bath! So functional and pretty and lots of storage – yay! In case you were wondering – yes, I did paint the bottom of the vanity with my trusted Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White. It was white to begin with, but way too glossy for the look I was going for. So, I prepped it with my matte black spray paint, put on two coats of the chalk paint, then distressed it a bit and sealed it with clear creme wax from Americana Decor.

I also added new silver hinges and some pretty glass crystal knobs to really up the glam-vibe! I did throw on an extra coat of sealant to the top of the vanity as well to have added protection from water, makeup, etc.

I inserted links below for all of the items/products I used for this project that came from Amazon. The only one that is a bit different is the mounting ring – couldn’t find the exact one I purchased, but this one looks to be the same. 

The matte black spray paint is from Wal-Mart along with the plumbers tape.

My master bath is now complete and a total haven! I actually love just popping in there (even when I have no need to!) just to look at all the loveliness and how wonderful it all turned out.

Amazon is wonderful for finding great deals on sinks and faucets. My local home improvement stores can’t beat the prices nor did they have the selection.

If you are ‘on the fence’ about re-doing your tiny, elf-sized bathroom vanity, don’t be! It was very cheap and well worth it! And that is what I call Vintage Shabby Glamour!