So, what do you do with a long weekend and it rains everyday? Why, if you are like me-you take advantage of that ‘indoor’ time and dive into some fun and fabulous DIY projects!

I picked up this cute little solid wood bookcase from The Regeneration Station. I LOVE this place! – It is one of my favorite haunts for furniture and decor. While the honey color finish was nice – I had plans to put this at the end of my hallway in my house and that color just wouldn’t do.

Anytime I plan on painting one of my projects white and I want to do some distressing to it afterwards – I spray paint it first with some matte black spray paint from Krylon (unless it is already black to begin with).

All it takes is a light coating of this matte black. I typically let this dry overnight before moving on to the chalk paint. Sometimes this is hard to do – I get super excited when I have a vision of what I want the end result to be of a particular piece of furniture that I am working on. Patience is a virtue – I know, I know…I am SO trying to work on that!

The is the first coat of chalk paint. I have fallen head-over-heels for the Rust-Oleum Chalked brand paint. Decent price – covers well and distresses like a dream! I always buy the Linen White – I pick this up at my local Home Depot, but you can also buy it online at

Second coat done! I am not looking for perfection here when I paint most of my projects. I am looking to achieve the vintage shabby glamour look – one that adds character and charm. Mission accomplished! Well, almost….

As I mentioned a bit earlier – I had plans to put this bookcase at the end of my hallway. Well, since I live in a ranch-style home I have this long hallway and I have glammed it up with some seriously cute decor, including a vintage suitcase sitting atop a vintage shabby white luggage rack. But that suitcase stuck out a bit too far and there are doors to other rooms on the left and right and I really wanted to put something there a bit more narrow in depth – and this bookcase is perfect for this space. 

Was I just rambling? I think I was – sorry! Ok, so back to the story – the hallway walls are white and I wanted this bookcase to ‘pop’ just a bit more. I had some leftover paint from my master suite re-do (more on that later!) – and thought it would look fabulous if I just painted the back of the bookcase with it. The color is freshwater (from Walmart) and it reminds me of tranquil waters and coconuts and tropical islands. Love it!

And of course, in true Vintage Shabby Glamour style – a project like this just wouldn’t be complete without a little stenciling, now would it? These stencils are from JoAnn and I have used them in/around my home. Paris – je t’aime! While letting the paint dry, I took my medium grit sandpaper and did some distressing. I do this kind of haphazardly – meaning I do random distressing all over the place to give it that aged look. Then I wipe off the dust with a clean rag.

Et voila! What do you think? This little weekend project turned out so well and I simply love it. Vintage Shabby Glamour does a soul good!