So, how do you take a room from not-being-used at all to a fabulously wicked music room? One vintage piece of furniture (couch) and a can of paint! Seriously–that is all it took folks. A trip to my favorite up-cycled and vintage store The Regeneration Station and a stroll past the paint options at Walmart. Now, this was no ordinary couch. And, as for the paint, well, you decide! I had ventured out into the ‘dare-me’ paint colors as far as I could have possibly gone. 

As you can see from the photos above; brown paneling, pale tile floor and an abundance of bookshelves. And a wonderful cement block wall. Prepping had begun!

As you can see – mighty bold color! It is from Color Place and is called Mallard Trek Turquoise. When I started rolling it on, I thought to myself – what the hell was I thinking with this color? It is too loud and obnoxious and there is no way I will be able to live with this! – but I pressed (I mean, painted) on. I painted the cement wall, all of the bookshelves and the 2 opposing walls that were brown paneling. And I will be honest with you, this took a total of 3 weekends to prep, paint, decorate. Lots of work, but so worth it!

You can see from the photo above that I also painted the floor and the front of the bookshelves. The floor was done with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint in Charcoal and then topped off with a one-coat polyurethane from Minwax. When I finished the bookshelves and took a step back, I realized that all that dark teal paint took away from the visual depth of the shelves, and so I picked up a quart of Silversmith Gray by Glidden. Painting the framework around the shelves did the trick!

I found the wing-back chair at my local Habitat Restore store and purchased a super affordable slipcover from The little side table was a $2 thrift find that just needed a coat of my favorite chalk paint – white! And yes, that is a Breakfast Club framed poster hanging over my couch. I am an eighties girl-at-heart, what can I say? Haha!

The black dresser was another great find at the Habitat Restore store. All I did was change out the knobs to clear cyrstal ones to glam it up a bit. You can see there sits my little vintage-inspired record player I got from – works like a charm! And my fabulous Johnny Depp print – ahhhh….

Almost everything on the shelves were items I already had or just re-purposed from other rooms in my home. And a few trips to my favorite thrift stores as well! The music room has turned out to be one of my top rooms to hang out in and I am in love with the dark colors and how medieval it turned out to be!

I hope you have enjoyed my first full blog post showcasing one of the many projects that I have done in my home. Many more to come along with DIY projects to inspire and light the fire!